CANA is about transformation. It has its roots in Christianity and specifically in the first sign in the gospel according to John – the transformation of water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana.

“From water to wine, our roots to our future.”

CANA aims to encourage those with open minds and hearts who seek to explore the Divine and spiritual dimensions of life, in a way that is open-ended and free from the boundaries that most religious frameworks and structures have imposed.

Christianity is at a crossroads. Its doctrine and theology developed in a world of thought far removed from our own, and we seek a ‘New Story’, which paradoxically means going back to the beginnings of the old story and the message that came from Jesus of Nazareth, but interpreted through 21st century lenses.

‘Transformation on the Jesus Path’ recognises that the path Jesus taught was universal, and speaks into the current shift in human consciousness that will eventually transform both us and the world we inhabit. It is a path of opening to transformational love.

CANA promotes new thought and changing theologies that respect the ancient origins of the Christ impulse. This is an awakening, progressive and emerging Christianity; a Christ path that respects mysticism and esotericism, and at the same time is grounded, practical and respecting of Mother Earth.

CANA encourages spiritual practice centred on meditation and contemplative prayer. We see the follow-through of such practices in the soul-growth of individuals, whose lives demonstrate a creative, compassionate and grounded spirituality. A true Christ path is one of transformation, rooted in the compassion of the heart.

We may refer to the divine in many different words, and recognise that language breaks down before the divine Mystery. Whatever language we use, we see God as the source from which the material world emanates and in which it is sustained. Our role within the world is one of co-creation, respecting all forms of life, and honouring all. We recognise the interconnectedness of all of creation and that essentially, we are all part of the One. We are challenged to find new expressions of the emerging vision: global, ecological and mystical.

What does CANA offer?

CANA supporters have in common a wish to discover and live by spiritual principles, to care collectively for the community of life and to seek the Wisdom and Truth at the heart of all religions.

CANA offers support in this exploration through: a newsletter, conferences and workshops, sharing days and retreats. We seek ways ways to facilitate informal conversations, writing and publishing articles, documents and open learning materials as resources and supportive frameworks for learning and exploration.

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