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Those who join CANA see their starting point as Christian but are open to the moving of the Spirit to seek and explore God and the spiritual dimensions of life, in a way that is open-ended and free from the boundaries that most religious frameworks and structures have imposed.

CANA exists to give those seeking a deeper spiritual awareness a safe place to experience, share and develop  their vision.

CANA recognises that we are all one through that of God within us from whatever background we come.

CANA encourages exploration of Christian themes free from adherence to set creeds or doctrines.

CANA is a group where risk becomes safe through trust and where exploration is key.




CANA members have in common a wish to discover and live by spiritual principles, to care collectively for the community of life and to seek the Truth at the heart of all religions.

CANA offers support in exploration through: a newsletter, conferences, symposia, sharing days, retreats and places just to BE, finding ways of facilitating informal conversations, writing and publishing articles, documents and open learning materials as resources and supportive frameworks for learning and exploration.

Our collective journey has no set goal.  The essential nature of our journey is one of continuing exploration.  Everyone's contribution is a valued part of the whole and none is dispensable.  We are challenged to find new expressions of the emerging vision: global, ecological and mystical.




21st Century Christianity: exploring contemporary faith, science & experience Tues. 30th April 2013, 10.30am - 4.30pm, Abingdon, Berks.
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Led Day Retreats

February to June 2013
Claridge House, Lingfield, Surrey

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