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Stained glass, Little Newcastle; Picture, Don MacGregor
Stained glass, Little Newcastle;
Picture, Don MacGregor

During its lifetime, CANA has produced a number of publications. New ways of looking at the Christ tradition and expressions of individual spiritual journeys were the primary themes. There is also a newsletter, published three times a year. Members receive a copy of the current newsletter.

These publications are listed below, and can be viewed by clicking on them.

CANA Newsletters

Past newsletters are shown below

CANA Newsletter – 07 Summer 2008
CANA Newsletter – 08 Winter 2008-9
CANA Newsletter – 09 Summer 2009
CANA Newsletter – 10 Winter_2009_10
CANA Newsletter – 11 Spring 2010
CANA Newsletter – 12 Autumn 2010
CANA Newsletter – 13 Spring 2011
CANA Newsletter – 14 Summer 2011
CANA Newsletter – 16 Summer 2012
CANA Newsletter 2014 Summer
CANA Newsletter 2014 Winter
CANA Newsletter 2015 Autumn-Winter
CANA Newsletter 2015 Spring
CANA Newsletter 2015 Summer
CANA Newsletter 2016 Spring5.2CANA_-_A – Christians_Awakening_Newsletter_SUMMER 20165.3CANA_-_A – Christians_Awakening_Newsletter_Autumn:Winter2016

Stories of Contemporary Christians.

This publication has arisen from the questioning and exploring that we are engaged in within CANA; it documents the insights and struggles of people in our time to break free from the constraints of conventional religion to find the fresh air of an authentic new spirituality. The contributors are mainly members of CANA who have written freely of their spiritual journeys.

It is hoped that others will find their stories interesting and inspiring, and that they will encourage you in your own journey.  This publication has proved very fruitful for stimulating discussion and sharing in small groups.

Stories of Contemporary Christians

Other Study Booklets

Christ in us Today

Exploring Ways Forward for Christians into the Twenty First Century

Livingin a More Spiritual Way – Philip Shepherd

StudyBook 1 – The Christ

StudyBook 2 – Christians Today opening to a New Awareness

Study Book 3 – Christian Reincarnation

Study Book 4 – The Lost Kingdom of God

Study Book 5 – Christ Consciousness

Study Book 6 – Religion & Spirituality

Why is the Church Not Facing up to the SPIRITUALITY REVOLUTION – Adrian Smith


These are available from Jane Upchurch, 20 Manor Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7LB. Please make cheques payable to CANA

  1. “Exploring the Interface between Christianity and Esoteric Philosophy” with William Meader. A Spiritual Exploration Day 11 May 2016 held in Oxford Quakers Meeting Room. This is a video of the whole day’s session. It is on two DVDs, costing £3 in total.

There is also a transcript of the first talk, an Introduction to Esoteric Philosophy. Email Jane on for a copy.

  1. “Science, Consciousness and Christianity” – the video of a talk given by Revd Don MacGregor at St John’s Church Hillingdon on 30 August 2014. Cost £1.50. It is also available as an audio CD in MP3 format for £1.50. Please specify which you would like when ordering.
  2. The Soul of Humanity Awakens through World Crisis” – talk by William Meader, CANA Spiritual Explorations day, Warwick, May  17, 2017.  two DVDs  @£4.00 for both incl. postage.

Books for the journey

Scoraig path - unshaded

Click on CANA BOOKLIST to see our suggested reading, listening and viewing list. It was made in 2010 and we hope to update it soon.

Another list of books,  can be found here, which includes some reviews and some CDs and websites for the journey.


Christians Awakening to New Awareness

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