One thought on “Jeff Olsen, Stories of Near Death Experiences – CANA event.”

  1. The announcement of this event about Jeff’s NDE invites us to share our own experiences. I would just like to add that for those of us who have not had a dramatic experience like his there can be another road to spiritual transformation – a life of Listening in Trust, and then just slogging on, step by step. The proof of the pudding is not in the event but in what we subsequently do with it, changing our lives until we live each day as much at home with our friendships and duties in the next world as we are with the life around us in this world. Living in both worlds at once can be learnt, and the glimpses of the bigger picture are what make it all worth while – like doing a jigsaw puzzle, and being equally aware of the little piece in our hand and the bigger picture where it truly belongs.

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