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What is the Wisdom Tradition?

Each year, CANA holds a Wisdom Retreat by the coast in Dorset, called “Silence by the Sea – Exploring the Wisdom Tradition.” (Click here for details.) Janet Lake, one of the retreat leaders, gives her understanding of the Wisdom Tradition: I am often asked “what is the wisdom tradition?” and I will try and explain…
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Living Spirituality Events

Please visit the Living Spirituality Connections page to view events:-

About Meditation

Meditation in the Christian Tradition Some people hear the word meditation and immediately think of eastern practices, Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation, etc., but there is a Christian form of meditative prayer. One way of thinking of God’s presence is as a river of life deep within – a river of God’s flowing compassion. We are sustained…
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“The Soul of Humanity Awakens through World Crisis”, two DVDs now available.

Video of the talk by William Meader in Warwick, on May  17, 2017. Two DVDs are now available, listed under Resources, CANA publications, @ £4.00 for both incl. postage from Jane Upchurch, 20 Manor Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7LB. Please make cheques payable to CANA .

Who do you say I am? The Christ story in the cosmic context

Kevin Treston is a CANA supporter in Australia. In his new book he ‘considers how the Traditional Christian Story needs to be complemented by a new story, the Cosmic Christian Story that situates God’s revelation in Jesus as the Christ within the great story of the universe …. Unless the Christ story is embedded in…
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See calendar, Spirit of Peace- and Living Christianiy Conections links. Pathways for Human Flourishing is a training programme developed by ‘Spirit of Peace’ to support heart centred community cohesion, social engagement and action. The Pathways have been developed drawing on ancient wisdom and contemporary grassroots experience in the UK, as well as from collaboration with…
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Living Spirituality Connections

Winter Newsletter can be read at It includes articles on: ‘What is the New Spirituality Revolution?’ responses to the aftermath of the American Elections and the UK Referendum our name change the plans for our future work. There is a new Towards Human Flourishing Special Interest area – LSC’s new course ‘Love for…
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Death/Rebirth and the Evolution of Consciousness

The editorial by Janice Dolley in our Spring issue gave us an insight into the vast changes taking place in our collective humanity, and the Easter message of the death of the old leading to the birth of the new. Here we offer a supportive view of the place of death/rebirth in evolution. Our awareness…
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Listening in Togetherness.

Harry Underhill                                                                       22.11.15 So much of the “spirituality” that is around these days is based on the ego or little self. That is fine for a start, because as babies we have to become aware of ourselves before we can become aware of anything else. But the purpose of life is to know ourselves in…
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Frank Parkinson writes The birth of Christianity was more than a spiritual awakening. With two thousand years of hindsight we can see it as an evolutionary fork, when those who had received the “good news” felt empowered to become a new kind of human. This is Pauline doctrine, and he uses the very specific phrase…
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Winter Solstice

Gillian Paschkes-Bell writes: I follow the ancient Ceile De tradition of Celtic Christianity, and our mid-winter ceremony, celebrated on Solstice Eve, takes us mindfully into the dark of the year, the dark of the day, and the dark of ourselves before opening us to the re-birth of the Christ once again, in the womb of…
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